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As you know Linux terminal is a very powerful tool which allows the user to perform almost everything on your Linux machine. It is the best tool a developer should get used to. Most developers use Google services such as email, blogger, youtube, docs, calender, picasa and finance. In order to consume these services users have to use a web browser like Firefox or Chrome. But can’t we use our best tool, Linux terminal for it.

googlecl allows above services to be accessed via Linux commandline. You can

  • Create blog posts
  • Add calendar events
  • View your google docs
  • Add calendar events
  • Upload images to Picasa
  • Upload videos to Youtube

Step 1 – Install

sudo apt-get install googlecl

The syntax for any command is
services include blogger, docs, contacts, youtube, picaza and finance

Create a blog post

google blogger post --title "Terminal Blogging" "This post is created via Linux terminal"

List your contacts

google contacts list

List your google docs

google docs list

Upload images to Picasa

<tt>google picasa create "Terminal images" ~/photos/*.jpg</tt>

Upload videos to Youtube

<tt>google youtube post --category my_video.mp4</tt>

More examples can be found from the example page.