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1. MySQL Server
Download the setup from or in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

2. Stratos assumes the password of MySQL is ‘root’. So change mysql root password to root

mysqladmin -u root -p 'oldpassword' password root

Step 1-Download the local WSO2 Stratos setup version 1.6 from Extract the downloaded setup and go inside the folder. We will name this folder as

Step 2– To initialise the setup run ./ In initialization, appropriate database tables and database users and required configurations will be created.


Step 3– Add following entry to /etc/hosts file. So below links will points to localhost

To start a services
./ start ‘service list separated by spaces’

Example: To start ESB Management node and Appserver worker node 

./ start 'esb_mgt as_worker'

Please note that you may need super user privileges to start or stop elb as it runs on standard http and https ports. And also please make sure none other services are running on port 443 or 80.(apache, etc) To stop a services ./ stop ‘service list separated by spaces’ Example: To stop ESB Management node and Appserver worker node

./ stop 'esb_mgt as_worker'

 Note : manager service and elb service should be started first in order to start the Stratos

./ start manager
sudo ./stratos start elb