Create a Axis2 web service using WSO2 developer studio

Posted: December 25, 2013 in axis2, developerStudio, java, linux, ubuntu, wso2
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  • Create a “New Axis2 Service Project” from WSO2 developer Studio dashboard.
  • Enter project name and service class to expose
    • TestAxis2Service will be the name of the axis2 service and the “TestService” will be the class that will be exposed.


  • Add operation to expose
    • “sayHello” method will be exposed as a web service.
  • Have a look at the services.xml generated for you.
    • This is the services.xml file which is needed for a axis2 service. Service name and service class are configured according to the values you entered in earlier step. You can change here if you wish.
  • Export the project as a deployable file(.aar file) to into $AXIS2_HOME/repository/services folder.
    • Export the service as a “.aar” file which can be deployed in axis2 engine. Put the “TestAxis2Service_1.0.0.aar” file to the “services” directory of the axis2.
  • rightclick
  • Congratulations ! your service is deployed successfully.

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