Configure WSO2 ESB as a JMS sender

Posted: June 11, 2013 in esb, linux, ubuntu, wso2
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The flow of the messages,

  1. ESB receives HTTP SOAP messages
  2. ESB send the JMS messages to the JMS broker
  3. JMS messages are stored in a queue
  4. JMS consumer picks the messages from the queue
Step 1: Setup WSO2 ESB
  • Download and extract ESB from $ESB_downlink
  • Configure ESB to send JMS messages
Step 2 : Setup JMS broker – ActiveMQ
  • Download ActiveMQ from $ActiveMQ_Downline
  • Copy the following jars to the $ESB_HOMe/repository/components/lib
  • Start ActiveMQ as ./activemq start
Step 3 : Setup JMS consumer
Step 4 : Send HTTP messages to the ESB

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