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As you know Linux terminal is a very powerful tool which allows the user to perform almost everything on your Linux machine. It is the best tool a developer should get used to. Most developers use Google services such as email, blogger, youtube, docs, calender, picasa and finance. In order to consume these services users have to use a web browser like Firefox or Chrome. But can’t we use our best tool, Linux terminal for it.

googlecl allows above services to be accessed via Linux commandline. You can

  • Create blog posts
  • Add calendar events
  • View your google docs
  • Add calendar events
  • Upload images to Picasa
  • Upload videos to Youtube

Step 1 – Install

sudo apt-get install googlecl

The syntax for any command is
services include blogger, docs, contacts, youtube, picaza and finance

Create a blog post

google blogger post --title "Terminal Blogging" "This post is created via Linux terminal"

List your contacts

google contacts list

List your google docs

google docs list

Upload images to Picasa

<tt>google picasa create "Terminal images" ~/photos/*.jpg</tt>

Upload videos to Youtube

<tt>google youtube post --category my_video.mp4</tt>

More examples can be found from the example page.

In order to log and see the SOAP messages that comes in to and goes out from WSO2 ESB add the following entries to the file


You can find some more logging varieties from [1].